Back Pain: Use Lumbar Support Cushions

After a long day at work, you may feel pain in your lower back. If this has been happening for long, it is time you pay attention to your back. These days, most doctors recommend a lumbar pillow for back issues. When you sit with the pillow behind you, it cradles the spine causing the pain to fade away. Also, the pillows are small and convenient to carry.

Another good reason for investing in a lumbar support pillow is if you have to travel long distances. Sitting for long without proper back support can put a lot of stress on the lower back.

How do Lumbar Support Cushions Help?

The S shape of the pillow mimics the shape of your spine and provides proper support to it. As you lean on the cushion, the muscles at your back shifts to either side of the spine balancing their weight equally across your back. This helps you to relax, which in turn reduces lower back pain due to poor posture while seating.

The pillows are made of memory foam that is covered with a sheet. On the back side of the pillow, there is a strap that goes around the chair and holds the pillow securely in it. The outer slip cover can be taken off and cleaned in the dryer and washer.

Many people use pillows or a seat cushion upon being recommended by their doctor. It is best to have a doctor or a therapist explain how to use it properly so that you get the much needed pain relief.

While shopping for a lumbar cushion, budget is an important consideration. The pillows are available in a wide range of prices and you can buy the one that best meets your affordability. These are also available in different colors and designs.

Most people who have used lumbar support cushions testify to their efficacy. These can make a significant impact on your life and enable you to function much better. The cushions are widely available. You can buy them from your local home equipment stores or drug stores or online shops.

Lumbar Support Chair: Get Rid of Back Pain

With more and more people experiencing lower back pain due to long hours at work, health experts have been recommending the importance of proper seating. Everyone is increasingly realizing the importance of switching to ergonomic chairs or to a seat cushion. These chairs offer adequate lumbar support and help the user to sit comfortably for long periods of time. These are special chairs that have been conceptualized by health experts who are aware of the structure of the back and what it requires including some kind of lumbar pillow.

Sitting for Long Creates Stress

Desk jobs can lead to chronic physical and psychological stress that we do not even notice. The muscles in the back, neck and legs are in constant tension that tends to build up with each passing day and cause serious health issues. This tension can severely hamper our productivity at work. The lumbar region is a part of the back that is at risk of injury or damage if a person does not maintain the right sitting posture. The lumbar curve plays a crucial role in helping us stay balanced without putting much strain on our back muscles.

Benefits of Lumbar Support Chairs

To be able to work efficiently, it is important to have a comfortable chair where you can sit, relax the muscles of the legs and back and concentrate fully on your work. Generally, non-ergonomic chairs have a straight back and thus do not complement the natural shape of the body. This can lead to back pain, an issue that is not uncommon in office workers.

A quality ergonomic chair is best suited for back support, relaxation and health protection. There are several adjusting mechanisms too in the chair that allow you to change its size and shape as per the requirements of your body. There are different shapes and sizes of ergonomic chairs available, choose one that best meets your personal needs.

As most of our life is spent in our workstation, it is important to ensure that we have a comfortable workplace. A good ergonomic chair is ideal to preserve our health.

Prevent Lower Back Pain: Tips

Millions of people all across the world suffer from lower back pain. There are some practical preventative tactics for them such as right posture, healthy diet, lifting and ergonomic chair therapy that they can follow to lessen the occurrence of back pain. Read on to know about the different methods.

Diet – One of the major reasons for lower back discomfort is the standard western diet that comprises processed foods, sugars and fat. This often leads to obesity, which in turn is a leading cause of back pain.

Sitting and standing postures – To prevent back pain, you must start by following ways to protect your back in your everyday activities. This means learning the right ways of standing, sitting and lifting. When you slouch, it increases the stress on your lower back and this can lead to injury.

Lifting techniques – Another important tip to protect your back is to learn proper lifting techniques. Most people lift by bending from the back and straining it in the process. It is best to let your legs to the job as they are stronger.

Exercises – A regimen of exercises help to strengthen the back and enhance flexibility. They work well to reduce back pain. Flexible and strong muscles offer protection to the spinal column, reduce the risk of injury and enhance your overall appearance.

Ergonomic chairs – These are designed to offer excellent back support. As most people spend long hours at the workstation, it is important that there is good lumbar support for the back.

Sleeping position – This is an overlooked area, but as we spend 5 to 8 hours sleeping, it is important that we pay attention to our posture in the bed. Avoid sleeping on the stomach as it increases the stress on the lower back. It is best to sleep on the side with a pillow in between the legs. It is also good to sleep on the back with a pillow or a seat cushion under the knees.

If you are experiencing back issues, follow these tips for a strong, pain-free back.